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The Jeanne

Note to File:  Name-change from Jeanne Scott to Jeanne Scott Matthews. Long story here. No, Jeanne did not re-marry, she has been married to Rev. Matthews for nearly 30 years. But at the time of her marriage, she was well established and known professionally as "Jeanne Scott." Not a time to change names, it seemed. But she did promise Rev. Matthews that "when she turned 65 and retired" she would start using his name.

Oops, in 2008, she turned 65 and Rev. Matthews tapped her on the shoulder, "Ahem, you promised." Jeez Louise, a promise is a promise even if Jeanne is a veteran Washington DC politician. Thus the adoption of the "Jeanne Scott Matthews" sobriquet. Next time you see him, give the Rev. Bob Matthews a hug from me.

In November 2011, the Atlantic Monthly magazine featured a story on its web site discussing the use of the term "Obamacare" to describe the provisions of the 2010 "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ... guess who they credited with being the very first commentator to use the term "Obamacare" in print .... Jeanne Schulte Scott in her March 2007 column in the Journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association.  




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our goal in life…

…while this site’s political leanings may, on occasion, be all too obvious — our goal is to make everyone who visits here a lobbyist for health care…to understand that the issues are extremely complex…sometimes seeming virtually intractable…but always challenging for those of us in the health care industry working for reform, for improvement, for greater cost effectiveness and efficiency — and for the nation's health…

who we are…

Jeanne Scott Matthews has been one of the nation’s leading health care lobbyists having spent almost 40 years “inside-the-beltway”  — working both within and without the government, directing the Washington DC office for the Catholic Healthcare Association (CHAUSA) and serving during the first Reagan administration as senior counsel in the Office of the General Counsel, for the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), the friendly folks that brought you DRGs and physician prospective payment under Medicare. Leaving office at the end of President Reagan’s first term in December 1984, she noted the piles of “paper” she had generated for the nation’s health care system, literally boxes and boxes duplicated in 5,500 hospitals, 55,000 pharmacies, and 650,000 physician offices. An Epiphany! She was personally responsible for having deforested vast acres of land for this paper now plastering the health care industry. Reformed, since then she has tried to atone herself by working for change in the way the way information is processed in health care — trying to save at least some of the estimated 18–25% of health care spending that is “administrative overhead” — perhaps as much as $650 BILLION in 2010 alone. She was instrumental in founding the Association for Electronic Health Care Transactions (AFEHCT), served on the Board and Executive Committee of the Workgroup on EDI in Health Care (WEDi), and helped draft the original “Bond Bill” which became the administrative simplification provisions in HIPAA. In 2003, she was presented with a plaque, naming her "Grandmother of HIPAA" by AFEHCT, for her work getting the this landmark health care information technology and privacy legislation drafted, passed and implemented. She has headed an industry task force on the issues of health care privacy and security.

what you can find on this site...

theJeanneScottblog -- many of you know that Jeanne has been the victim of the healthcare industrial complex for the past couple of years. In late August 2009, she underwent open-heart surgery at the Duke University Cardiovascular Center for bilateral mitral valve repair. The surgery, done laproscopically (that's why she went to Duke, other surgeons said they would have to open her chest and replace the valve as both flaps were "prolapsing." <sigh>). And Dr. Donald Glower was able to repair her heart (yes, this proves that a politician does have a heart) using an annuloplasty ring to hold the repaired valve in place (basically a "hairnet" over the heart. The procedure involved 7 hours on a heart lung machine and Dr. Glower actually took the time for a couple of Kodak moments. See below. Long story short, Jeanne's previous autoimmune disease coupled with the anti-rejection drugs she has had to take, resulted in the sudden loss of her hair. What came back was pure white and... well "missing" in large part.) see pictures. <very big sigh>

Because of these illnesses, the newsletter (which she had humbly-named theJeanneScottletter) has fallen on to hard times. In its place, she has joined the 21st century with a "blog." You have to work a little harder to get to it ... at http://www.health-politics.com/issue.html  With her advancing age (Jeanne proudly notes that she has entered her "70th" year ... with all the biblical ramifications that might be read into that <smile>. And while her "blog" will focus on health care reform news and information, it is far more subjectively political than her old newsletter, if that is at all possible.  You knw what they say about "old people" their inhibitions start to break down and they speak their minds without some of their old reserve and tact.

Jeanne Scott Matthews is often on the speaker's circuit, popular for her sometimes over the top humor, trying to salvage just a bit of her sanity in the face of the many challenges facing the health care industry. With the passage of PPACA (the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010," otherwise known as "Obamacare" (a term which both CNN and the New York Times have credited her with coining ... or at least being the first to use it in print) her plate has been fuller than ever. After all as Vice President Biden so eloquently put it, "this is a big [bleeping[ deal." But since then, the law's opponents have been on the attack. Tea Party Republicans swept the fall 2010 elections vowing to repeal the new law. Will they? Most polls show that with the exception of the insurance mandate provision, Americans favor the new law, especially the protections afforded against predatory private insurance companies. What will happen in 2012 and beyond? even more change is in the offing. You wouldn't want to miss Jeanne's interpretation of these events and her prognostication as to what she thinks will happen in 2011 and beyond (delivered in her inimical but informative and entertaining fashion). See her topics and schedule on the speaking page.

"...a passion for healthcare combined with a Jeanne Scott presentation should NOT be mixed with alcohol."

On her blog, you'll find some of Jeanne's mutterings and musings in her cantankerous old age. Have a thick skin and feel free to share a response: jeanne.matthews@health-politics.com (the old jeanne.scott@health-politics.com still works, but upsets Rev. Matthews <smile>)

The resources page includes some of her helpful -- or at least insightful and interesting -- links to other sites, ... but this page is also a "work-in-progress" and will (hopefully) soon be re-vamped, better indexed and made more "resourceful" ... er, full of resources. Still it is worth a visit as it is now.

On her thoughts page, you'll find Jeanne's even more irreverent musings along with her Mencken-like curmudgeonly views on the state of U.S. health care and the prospects for reform... or demise. Jeanne turned 65 on 2008 and became a Medicare beneficiary herself. As  a recent victim of the health care industrial complex, her views have sharpened and with advancing years, the inhibitions of her youth have faded away. Prepare yourself, and maybe engage with her in a little dialog about the issues of the day.  An addition not to be missed: the top 18 Biggest and Baddest Lies about PPACA ("Obamacare")

And of course, Jeanne had to include her lawyer jokes, top ten lists and other legendary materials she has collected over the years; you'll find these on her humor page ... which is updated usually on or about the first day of the week with new ... or at least "newer" lawyer jokes, stories, lies or truths.

And who is this Jeanne Scott Matthews after all? Visit her up close and personal page for pictures of her grandchildren and family and for a little bit more of the "gossip" about Jeanne.

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Dr. Glower's Kodak Moments


Jeanne's Heart Before                 Jeanne's Heart After

Which all goes to prove that lawyers do have hearts... even if they have to be surgically implanted <sigh>


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